The Rift Riders : Summons of the Siren Song -Book 1-

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The Rift Riders : Summons of the Siren Song  -Book 1-


On their first day of summer vacation, three teenage friends get into a brawl with several members of a local biker gang. One of the bikers is killed. The following day, the boys are pursued and cornered by the bikers at a popular swimming hole.

A frightening creature rescues the boys, and in a savage instant of violence and horror, the bikers are no more. The boys are pulled, kicking and screaming, under the water and into a world that was written about by Homer millennia ago, but was thought only to be a myth.

The boys must find an ancient hero and defeat a merciless overlord if the creatures who summoned them are ever to help them return home.

Below: Audio Preview of The Rift Riders – Book 1 – Chapter 1

Listen to The Rift Riders - Book 1 - Chapter 1

 Buy  The Rift Riders at the following distributors:
Whiskey Creek Press-(World Wide Shipping) -(Paperback-$15.95, e-book-$5.99)
Amazon – (Kindle-$4.99,  Paperback-$17.95)
Amazon for UK – (Check for Price)
Barnes & Noble’s Fictionwise – (Nook-$5.99)
Ebookwise – ($5.99)
eReader – ($5.99)


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