About me

Adam has been in the field of education for over sixteen years. He enjoys teaching teens, and feels that he has a very good insight into their likes and dislikes. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in education, a Master’s degree in History, and is currently working toward a MFA in Painting.

Several years ago, Mr. Leonard was both surprised and disappointed to discover that the ninth grade boys in his classes disliked reading. They said the Harry Potter books were for little kids and the Twilight books were for girls. He decided he would put his mind to writing a book primarily suited for the rough and tumble, reluctant teenage reader. It had to have cool, but flawed characters and lots of action. Mr. Leonard decided to include a bit of romance and several strong female characters for the female readers as well, and the result was The Rift Riders.

The Rift Riders delves into Greek mythology and reflects the ancient writings of Homer’s Odyssey, which fascinated him in his younger years. Adam is excited to share this tradition of story telling with a new generation.

Mr. Leonard enjoyed writing the book so much that he began writing a sequel. Before he knew it, he had ideas for a few more books and started writing a couple more. Mr. Leonard will be very happy if his books encourage future students to read!

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