The Rift Riders – Book 1

Release Date: September 2015
Genre: Fantasy, New Adult
Theme: Coming of Age, Redemption

Summons of the Siren Song

Three high school friends from a small Pennsylvania town are pulled into a bloody, forgotten world that spawned the myths and monsters of ancient Greece. Their tormentors scheme to use the boys as pawns in a savage battle to regain control of their crumbling world.

The Rift Riders Series is a saga of friendship, betrayal, and redemption.  It explains the real story behind the Titans and the Olympian gods and how history has gotten it all wrong—until now.

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The Rift Riders – Book 2 – Dawn of the Reaper

Status: November 2015
Genre: Fantasy/New Adult
Theme: Coming of Age, Redemption

How far would you go to save your best friend?

In Book Two of The Rift Rider Series, two friends must brave the depths of Hell (Tartarus) to try and rescue their friend Jimmy, who previously sacrificed himself to save them.

This book tells the story of Charon, the ancient skeletal ferryman of Greek mythology, who escorts souls into the afterlife—the infamous GRIM REAPER himself!



Bending The Path

Status: In Progress
Genre: Young Adult
Theme: Coming of age, self reliance

A teen boy witnesses the murder of his girlfriend and barely escapes her murderer. He knows the murderer; he is the town deputy and his mother’s boyfriend.

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The Waiting

Status: In Progress
Genre: Young Adult/Horror
Theme: Coming of age, Faith

Frankie’s stepfather, Howard, has abused him for his entire life. Frankie dreads coming home after school. He especially fears falling asleep; he has become an insomniac, terrified of being awoken to his step father’s fetid breath.

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