Adam’s Art

Here is some artwork I have created over the years. Some are new pieces I have done in the MFA program I am currently enrolled in.

Featured Artist and Designer of this Website

Digital artist, Thomas Tibitanzl, designed all the artwork on my website as well as the website itself. I had originally found one of his works, Drowning, online and had contacted him to see if he would allow me to use this piece to advertise my novel The Rift Riders. He agreed, and in the meantime, I found his website and was amazed by his artwork.

Thomas Tibitanzl is a very talented graphic artist currently living in Munich, Germany. He is originally from Prague, the largest city of the Czech Republic, which is full of beautiful, historic architecture and artwork and is fondly remembered by Tom. Tom creates narrative, surreal artwork that tells a story and is interpreted differently by everyone who sees it. As an art teacher, I can really appreciate his skill and also his ability to communicate his ideas to his viewers. I invite my students, friends, and readers, to visit his site and see some of his other works. Perhaps his artwork will inspire you as it has inspired me.

Tom is also known in the digital art world under his artist name deZane. His artwork is showcased worldwide by many of the top rated digital magazines and e-zines such as: Digital Arts Magazine, Advanced Photoshop, Blanket Magazine, Initiative Colectiva, Territory Magazine, and many others.

Tom runs his own graphic design company specializing in digital designs and logos for businesses and websites as well as commissioned artwork. Fine art quality prints of his work are also available. If you want to know more about him visit his website

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